First Time VR User Tutorial

Design Problem

­­Through observations from demoing Osso and usability studies, first time virtual reality users struggle to learn how to use the oculus touch controllers. Several users have stopped midway through the procedure due to frustration and tend to blame themselves for their inability to complete the experience. To alleviate this frustration and to make the experience more intuitive, this tutorial is meant to begin addressing these challenges.

The Outcome

The tutorial was attached to an Osso VR demo and used at conferences and shipped to customers to help onboard first time Osso VR user’s. The original tutorial was then updated and improved based on user feedback.

My Role

UX Designer and Project Lead

Target Audience

First Time Virtual Reality Users. These individuals have very limited experience with the oculus touch controllers, and will represent the majority of the users interacting with our product at medical device companies.

Tutorial Requirements

  • Create a functioning prototype of a tutorial for a first time VR user

  • First time users want to know:

    • Which buttons to press on the controller to pick up, drill, screw objects (which matter?)

    • How to hold the controllers correctly

    • How to get through the Osso experience with minimal frustration

    • How to practice interacting with objects until comfortable with controllers

  • Tutorial should help the users get through the interactions with minimal instruction from the proctor



The tutorial was broken into two parts:

  1. How to use the oculus touch controllers

  2. How to interact with objects in the OR to successfully complete an Osso VR module

Part 1: Introduction to the controllers and their buttons

  • Simplified OR

  • Controllers overlaid on hands

  • Controllers disappear at end of part 1

  • Scene fades to black and transitions to OR scene with Osso hands

Part 2: Using hands to interact with objects in OR setting

  • OR fades up to start the tutorial - feels similar to last scene but with patient and instruments on table.

  • Lead through how to pick up, drill, and twist objects.

Partial Storyboard from Part 1 of Original Osso VR Tutorial

Partial Storyboard from Part 1 of Original Osso VR Tutorial


The tutorial was attached to our Osso demo and presented at the 2018 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Feedback received included:

  • Look up results and reference them here.

As part of our follow up we created an updated Osso VR tutorial to be used at the following year (AAOS) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Storyboard for new tutorial