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Osso VR: Foundations of Practice Tutorial

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Trying virtual reality for the first time can be frustrating for users who aren’t used to the Oculus Touch Controllers and Osso VR software. The Osso VR: Foundations of Practice Tutorial is a virtual reality training simulation that onboards new Osso VR users to alleviate those frustrations.


  • Showcased at the 2018 and 2019 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon’s (AAOS) Conference

  • Shipped to all customers to help onboard first time Osso VR users.

  • Helped increase the number of Osso customers to over 1,000 monthly users.

Target Audience

First time Osso VR users

Programs Used

Adobe Illustrator, Unity 3D, After Effects

My Role

Project Lead and UX Designer