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Case Study

Tutorial to Onboard New VR Users


Project Lead and UX Designer



Target Audience

First time Osso VR users


Virtual reality for first time users can be frustrating. The Osso VR: Foundations of Practice Tutorial is a virtual reality simulation that on boards new Osso VR users to use the hardware and software.


  • Showcased at the 2018 and 2019 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon’s (AAOS) Conference

  • Currently shipped with VR content to help on board new customers

  • Supported the increase in Osso VR users to over 1,000 monthly users


The Approach

Feedback from customer and conference demos highlighted the need for an on boarding experience to alleviate initial frustrations with the technology. As the sole designer on the tutorial, I was tasked to provide the designs behind a 3-5 minute tutorial and to collaborate with members of both technical art and engineering teams to bring the vision to life in time for the AAOS conference in 2018.

To make the tutorial effective and digestible for new users, I broke the experience into 3 different scenes:

  1. Isolating hardware challenges

  2. Isolating software challenges

  3. A mini surgical technique for users to try out their newly learned skills

Tackling Hardware Challenges

Tackling software Challenges

Practicing Skills

Iteration 2