Handy Nutrition

Overview: According to a study by Ello-Martin, J. et al. 2005, the increase in prevalence in obesity has coincided with the increase of portion size at home and when eating out. This correlation has been further explored to show that with the increased intake of high energy foods, our bodies begin to not take heed to the various signals of satiety when eating causing overeating and potential obesity in the long-term. Due to the obesity epidemic on one spectrum and the potential need to help individuals better understand proportion size, the purpose of this augmented reality application is meant to promote understanding of proportion that could be used during meals in and outside the home.

Audience: Individuals of the public who are interested in understanding relative proportion size in a convenient manner without needing to pull out a food scale.


-       To design an intuitive interface using the game engine Unity to give a quick overview of portion sizes to an individual 

-       Incorporate interactivity and 3D models that keep the user engaged

Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Unity, Vuforia


-       Understanding the audience. A variety of color combinations and nutrition sites were investigated to create an image target that would bring a sense of familiarity to the user.

Image Target

To identify with the user (general public in the US) colors such as green, purple, and the placement of fruits at the top of the image were used to emphasize nutrition. The hand below the banner, helps to show the user where to place their hand.

-       Wireframe to Determine Layout of UI in application.


A portrait orientation was chosen to allow the user's thumb to reach the buttons on the screen, while placing their other hand on the image target.

-       Developing Unity functionality

-       Build out of final project to an iPhone 6

Testing Approaches: Asked various classmates to test the final prototype