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Epileptic Connection

Epileptic Connection: Medical Adherence App



Epileptic Connection is a mobile application created for physicians and medical staff in rural Ecuador to routinely check in with epilepsy patients and keep patients accountable when it comes to taking medication. The initial concept was developed by a team of biomedical engineers at Washington University in St. Louis and was given to me for design and prototyping.

I created a user persona, created a site map, established features and interactions, created wireframes, prototyped the design on an Android LG 8” tablet, and conducted user research, before sending the design to engineers to integrate with an SMS messaging system.

The Epileptic Connection app was enthusiastically received by the physicians in rural Ecuador and increased medical adherence among patients.


Target Audience

Physicians and medical staff in rural Ecuador

Tools Used

Pen and Paper, Adobe Illustrator, Unity


UX/UI Designer

Defining the Problem

Epilepsy is one of the world’s largest non-communicable disorders. It is estimated that the condition affects approximately 50 million people, around 40 million of them living in developing countries (1, 2). Medical non adherence among epilepsy patients in rural Ecuador is a huge problem. Due to the stigmatization of the neurological disorder, low prioritization, poor healthcare system infrastructure, and several other factors medication adherence is extremely low.

Site Map


Design Sketches

To figure out the content and its placement, I quickly work through potential features and positions of those features using pen and paper. Below, I’ve provided visuals to depict the process.

Logo & Color Scheme

Through research and iterations of the application’s potential logo, I chose a color scheme and logo that emulated the colors of the Ecuador flag (blue, red, yellow) while also focusing on a deep cultural connection (circular form). Below, are the various logos considered. Option #5 was the final logo design chosen.

Finalizing Designs

Snapshot of the designs in Illustrator.

Snapshot of the designs in Illustrator.

The screens were completed and exported from illustrator as pngs and brought into Unity to be prototyped on an Android LG tablet “8” to test on several users for additional feedback.

Testing the Prototype

The prototyped app, was tested on Dr. Pandey and one of his graduate students to gain feedback and improve the overall user experience. They closely worked with epilepsy patients and were the closest we could come to testing out the prototype on our end users. The users were asked to perform two walk-through tasks in person to record their behavior and thoughts.


The app was updated and successfully integrate with the SMS messaging system. The app was deployed and available for physician’s in Ecuador. Ecuador physician’s reported an increase in physician/patient communication within the first month of usage.