Epileptic Connection

Question: How can a medical compliance application create an intuitive interface design, to help remind and monitor the health and wellness of epileptic patients in a low Internet accessible area of Ecuador?

Project Description: Planning, prototyping, and testing content for a medical compliance app for physicians in Ecuador. A centralized tablet will be used and implemented.


Educational Goals: Explore and refine ways to effectively prototype, aesthetically design, and test information architecture through usability testing on an Android tablet.

Target Audience: Physicians in a rural part of Ecuador

Tone: Informative

Format & Executable Guidelines:  Through the creation of an aesthetically pleasing design and testing of the tablet’s app content, the effectiveness of the app will be tested by creating and building the application to an Android LG tablet “8”. The focus of this project is to create an aesthetically pleasing and thoroughly designed interface that strengthens the user experience and is easy to use.

Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Unity


1.      Gathered information regarding the culture of Ecuador and spoke with team member of Biomedical engineering group at Washington University at St. Louis about overall goals and flow of app.

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2.      Created several versions of logos which were approved by Washington University at St. Louis 

3.      Created Interface Design using Adobe Illustrator.

4.      All designed interfaces were exported as .pngs to bring into Unity for front end development

5.      Developed and built out app for Android tablet LG “8”.

6.      Tested the prototype on a physician at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation as well as his graduate assistant.

User Research Method: Usability Testing – participants were asked to complete two tasks:


Task 1 –

You are new to the Epileptic Connection app and need to create an account. After creating an account, you are asked to log in, and you would like to input your first patient with the information below:

Patient Information

Patient Name: Patient X

Nickname: X

Birthdate: 02/08/2010

Message Information


“This is a reminder to take your Topamax. Text ‘yes’ to confirm the pill was taken.”


Task 2 –

You need to change the number of times per day that patient, Jane Doe, takes Klonopin. Currently, the patient is taking the drug once a day. You want to increase this to 2x a day. Navigate through the app to make this change to the patient’s medical record. When you’re done, you should log out of your account.