Arterial Exploration: A virtual reality learning module

Intended Purpose/Educational Goals: Arterial Exploration is a virtual reality learning module for Google Cardboard created in collaboration with a California high school biology teacher. The goal of the module is to teach high school students about hierarchical organization of interacting systems in multicellular organisms by using the circulatory system (specifically arteries) as an example. The goal of the application is to have students learn about what layers form the arterial wall and the role of elastic tissue and smooth muscle to control blood pressure. Through this immersive 3D experience students conceptualize in a new way what role arteries play in the body. Furthermore, students are given agency through the choice to increase and decrease smooth muscle and elastic tissue to effect overall blood pressure. By taking control of their own education, students are more likely to retain this concept in future classes and apply it to other biological systems.

Audience: High school biology students

Role In Project: Created, developed, and implemented all aspects of the virtual experience on Google Cardboard.

Programs Used: Materialise Mimics, Pixologic ZBrush, Autodesk 3ds Max, Unity

Process: Wireframes: (Click through the carousel below)


Play testing a preliminary version of Arterial Exploration


Google Cardboard used to create virtual reality application


Screen Play of Prototype: