I’m a product designer currently living in San Francisco. I work in Illustrator, Sketch, and InVision, prototype in 3d using Unity and After Effects, and research using a number of techniques I've gained from my experience in psychology, working in an art gallery, grad school, and as a UX designer.

I earned my BA in Biology with a minor in Neuroscience from Carleton College. I went on to receive my Masters from the University of Illinois at Chicago in Biomedical Visualization (BVIS). Recently, I worked at a health software company (OssoVR). Osso VR is a clinically-validated surgical VR training platform for surgeons, sales teams, and hospital staff of all skill levels.

When I’m not working, you can find me metalworking jewelry, reading up on neuroaesthetics, learning foreign languages, cooking, tending to my succulents, or hiking all over the Bay Area.